the 'Intelligent' Indicator

A Short Term Futures and Forex price movement indicator to beat all the others.

The Neural Trader is a market indicator making use of Artificial Intelligence techniques, and which, when built into a rule based trading system produces accurate, profitable and low risk short term signals.

Neural Trading indicators use Artificial Neural Networks to predict turning points in Market action, and react to market conditions quickly. In a short term trading environment the advantage gained by having a predictive system which leads the market give the trader or fund manager an invaluable tool in the business of making consistent profits. 

Our Neural Networks have learned thousands of turning points such as the ones shown by the zig-zag line on the chart below, and using back propagation and genetic algorithm techniques  have gained the abilty to predict these points when shown previously unseen data.


Market chart showing Neural signals

A trader's dream might be to be able to predict the short term turning points shown on this chart. The Neural Trading Indicator now makes this possible.

The output from the indicator  shown in the lower part of this chart represents the output from the neural network, and as can clearly be seen, accurately predicts turning points in a 'real-time' trading situation.

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